First major typhoon of the year hits…September 28th?

In Hong Kong, we’re used to getting typhoons in the summer. Not so much in autumn. But this year, the first typhoon no. 8 of the ‘summer months’ we got struck yesterday and is still affecting us now. (hence the SE typhoon no. 8 warning signal = no school for me = time to blog!)

It’s not due to huge climate changes though – just a bit of luck. There were a few occasions on which typhoons were headed our way, but changed direction and went to Taiwan or swooped straight into the mainland. That means less potential damage for us, but also plenty of hot weather because of the extreme convection inside the circulation of the typhoon, resulting in rising air which spread to neighbouring areas. (for a more detailed explanation, click here)

I’m not too keen on strong typhoons. Yes, there’s no school and no work (which is sometimes nice because everyone likes a break), but typhoons also mean large-scale storms and sometimes damage in places like the northern New Territories. Typhoons can also be scary at night: when the world outside is dark save the distant glow of household lights and the occasional flashing banner, and the wind is tearing at the exhaust fan which, unlike a window, you cannot close. What howling and shaking! I thought the blinds would be blown out last night.

What I do like about the sights and sounds of typhoons is what it brings in the morning. When the only sound is the dripping of soft rains, and the wind is relatively calm (it usually isn’t the strongest in late morning you see). When you raise the blinds, you see droplets of rain cascading down your windowpane and vertical waves of rain rippling through the air, like a sail of a clipper travelling across the Atlantic. Clouds are moving at twice their usual pace, rushing from one side to another, and the waves are advancing towards the land like a white army. It’s pretty pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s enough waffling. The sky has gone brighter now, and it’s time for me to break from this fantasy and get to work. Goodbye, typhoon NESAT.


Good morning and hello once again!

Hello September, and hello school! Love the ability to write posts full screen, by the way – is it new or has it been around for ages?ย Yes, another summer gone with me not being able to blog as much as I’d liked. But time to write always comes with school, so now I really promise there will be posts coming your way throughout the fall.

Some people don’t like September because school is starting, but, for me, September’s arrival is a relief. This week we had one of our rare showers and I’m glad to say it did cool the city down a little. And now dragonflies are dancing outside my window, which means more rain is coming! I’d rather have school and breezy weather than have no school and have to play around in the sun. I don’t mean it’s bad – it’s just that I’m really sensitive to hot weather and sun rays and…you get what I mean.

(I’ll post a picture of the dragonflies when I get hold of an SD card adaptor.)

So, to everyone who’s starting school, good luck and have fun! To those in Australia etc. who haven’t had their summer holidays yet, keep working hard. ๐Ÿ™‚ And to those who have worked through the summer, thank you. School may stop, but life must go on, and without all of you society would not be able to run properly. (Grammar fail.) Yours, a student.