Night write.

A bee sits on the windowsill 

Licking up jam, eating its fill.

Well, good! I hope you stay that way

But, more importantly, stay away!

Daddy long legs? Why, even my legs are longer than yours.

(Thank God for that.)

I’m tired. There’s nothing special about this.

As usual, I’m just taking the p*ss.

I haven’t written in such a long time

I’ve almost forgotten how to rhyme.

Of course that’s just a hyperbole

Else it would be contradictory.


Just for fun

Happy St. Nicholas Day, and also Happy International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development! Here’s something I wrote in my Economics class to celebrate the occasion:

Everyone wants the best for themselves

So says the economist, in a rational tone.

And so macroeconomics carries the results of these words

Onto a national scale, truly a world of its own.


As the world goes round, so does the money within

In a flow of income between households and firms,

With consumption and goods exchanged on one end

And wages for labour (on reasonable terms).


But there’s more! Injections like exports and investment

Equaling withdrawals like savings and tax.

Economists put it as Y = C + S + M + T

Or Y = C + I + G+ X.


With so much to take care of, what’re the key aims?

According to some there are four:

Economic growth, low unemployment, low but steady inflation

And a good balance of payments, but of that we’ll talk no more.


First up’s economic growth, more productive capacity,

Illustrated by a shift outwards on a PPC.

These changes are caused by more factors of production

Or better yet, factors of higher quality.


All this can be measured by the Gross Domestic Product –

The total value of all output over a certain interval.

It’s not completely accurate, though, neglecting inflation,

Unofficial work, or whether things are affordable.


It’s not always the end when GDP sags

The economic cycle may be the cause.

But whatever the reason, if there’s high unemployment

You bet the people will be flexing their claws.


It’s said it’s a recession when your neighbour loses his job

And a depression when you lose your own.

Either way, know that the government will be using

The Labour Force Survey and Claimant Count to make the numbers known.


It’s not one number, either: it can be divided into types

Be it frictional, seasonal, or demand-deficient.

Cyclical and structural unemployment are two other kinds

All displays of the economy being inefficient.


Which is why the government tries to solve this

Through demand management and supply-side policies,

Though firms may benefit through paying lower wages

And hiring workers with more attractive qualities.


The third, inflation, is a (low) sustained

Increase in the general level of prices,

Measured through changes in price of 600-odd goods

From clothes to watering cans and culinary spices. This is called the Consumer Price Index, used in the UK,

Or the Retail Price Index, if you throw property in too.

High inflation reduces investment, ups ‘menu costs’,

Harms trade, and makes the price mechanism fall through.


A low level is preferred to none at all,

With the UK’s target between one and three percent.

This is to reduce the risk of deflation,

A sure indicator of economic descent.


Inflation can be caused by surges in demand,

Higher costs, or increases in the monetary supply.

Which is why, to deal with continuous booms in prices

Governments can wish the excess goodbye.


So that’s it! The result of two months of helicopter-building,

Equations, discussions, and cake.

The journey is long yet, but it’s been a great ride

And now it’s time for a well-deserved break! 😀


Yeah right.

Just some scribblings

I like a little space for my mind to grow,

to swim and to discover the boundless joys of just being

Of just thinking, of dancing in meadows of sunshine

Conjured by hope and woven by threads of faith.


I like a little space where I can secretly dwell

In the lonely hours of twilight or soft rains

And speak to myself or to the deceiving emptiness

Of the air, which itself has a soul perchance.


I like a little space where the birds do sing

A song that is their own, and yet resonates with mine

That beats against my heart with the might of a lion

And sidles against my cheek like the mist of night.

the Wind

When your earlobes do tingle with the frost of the wind

And your nose tip is swelling red, your fingers scorned thin

You know that the North Wind is making its dent

On the year’s natural calendar, despite your dissent


And yet, if the wind did not blow as it does

How high the cost would be to us!

This poem was inspired by none less than the wind itself as I was walking to the bus stop from school. (On that note – that’s why it’s always great to carry a notebook with you! I wrote this on the bus and finished it at home.) It’s  a cool eleven degrees outside, which is unusually cold for end-of-winter Hong Kong. Hopefully, the sun will soon return, complemented with the frequent relief of spring breezes and the occasional shower.

In line 4, ‘despite your dissent’ was originally ‘despite my dissent’, but I thought it would be weird to introduce me in the middle of the poem. But it doesn’t look too right now, either. Any suggestions?

I’m also thinking of changing ‘nose tip’ to something less blunt.

And rewriting the last line because it’s too direct.

The Beginning of the End for Facebook?

The Beginning of the End for Facebook?

Hm – I don’t know. Facebook is such a hit I doubt it will meet its end anytime soon, since challengers such as Google Plus have mostly been met with skepticism as far as I know. The beginning of a slight decline, perhaps, as people begin to realise what Facebook gives and takes from them and don’t find it as fresh, but I doubt it will be the end.

In response to the ‘more focused sites will draw people away from Facebook’ comment, I believe that being able to have many ‘friends’ is one of the advantages of Facebook because you can keep in touch with lots of people at the same time, in the same place. And Facebook has already added a  Top Friends (or something) feed in addition to the normal News Feed that displays updates from a select group of friends chosen by the user.

Ah well, as said in the article, with technology, you never know eh? 😉


NaNoWriMo 2011 has begun! Whoopee!

Whether you’ve plotted your way to this moment, or you are flying by the seat of your pants into the great blue beyond of your plot, you’re ready. When it comes to bashing out the first draft of your novel, there is no time like the present.

I wasn’t planning to join NaNoWriMo because of exams, but I’ve decided that I probably won’t ever try my hand at it if I let this I’m-too-busy attitude get the better of me, so here goes nothing! NaNoWriMo, here I come!

Like many others, I’ve always wanted to write a novel since I was youngish. Well, say, six years ago. But every time I came up with a new idea, I’d trash it after a few chapters because it just did not seem to be developing into anything readable. Everything would seem stereotyped and I would tear drafts in frustration.

But soon after, studies took over and writing faded out of my life. I haven’t written anything close to an opening of a novel in three years. I don’t even blog much now. So here’s to all the people who think they’re too busy to write – although I might not be as troubled as you, I hope you can also take some time to work on those dreams you have because you never know when it’ll be too late.

(cue enchanting music & inspiring Googled picture)

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