Throb, throb


Strong and clear

Concentrated, deep and piercing

Squishing, compressed inside

The pea-sized cabinet.

As if submerged in icy water

But heated fast, not cold

Throb, throb

I cannot think a single word

My brain structure’s lost its mold.


Stones hitting at the rear

Can you not see a being here?

Watch out!

New daggers flying

To your skull

From all directions

You can’t see them

Hear them

Touch them

But you can feel them.

Strong and clear

Concentrated, deep and piercing

Squishing, compressed inside

The pea-sized cabinet.

Don't you feel a headache coming when you look at this image?

The Grey Lady

You won’t be able to guess this one…or will you? This poem is in great need of correction and improvement, so please help 🙂 Thank you for all your support!

A billowing breeze

A temperate tune

A flourishing flower

A boisterous balloon

The Grey Lady dances

On the soft ballroom floor

Mesmerized by the music

And warmth hiding in store

Her flax dress floats by

Elegantly in pulse,

Poignant in prancing

Like a flock of seagulls

Swooping ‘cross the tide

Wings extended in wind

Whistles heard in the stars

Lonely, lost in the stars’ glint –

Till morning she sails

‘Mongst the rainbow’s sweet beams

Waltzing in glory’s shadow

Into fantasy and dreams.

Think this looks more like a green ribbon than a grey lady, honest 🙂

The Ocean (II)

Look out! Beware, a storm’s a-coming!

Can’t you hear the cymbals and the drumming?

Heed the ocean roar! Her cries of rage

Echo as she goes on a rampant rampage!

Waves thrash and race ‘cross seven seas

Unleashing her wrath, pulverizing all peace

Swallowing sailors in a huge, merciless gulp

She reduces firm frigates into pulp!

After venting her anger far and wide,

She settles on a steady tide

Sending soft, warm currents off to sleep,

Caressing them with music from the deep.

How quickly does her temper change!

Her voice, too, has an expansive range

She murmurs when the tides are low

Yet, when storms come, does crescendo!

Look closely for her delicate hands

Adorned by lacy silver strands

To protect her children is her first wish –

The lakes, the reefs and all her fish.

After a fatiguing day of work

The ocean retires from mankind’s irk

To lie placid on the coral bed

Where she need not act in anyone’s stead.

a nice sunset. like the peaceful ending of the poem, i guess.
a nice sunset. like the peaceful ending of the poem, i guess.

The Ocean

The silvers splash

The seagulls coo

The fish swoosh under

Waves of blue

Beneath her hand

Her tender smooth

Skin, billowing sails

fly past the roof

of her mouth,

Her cries of sorrow

Heard today

Forgotten tomorrow.

A streamlined bode

of slick, white foam

Swift as sound

E’er free to roam

‘Cross seven seas

But not beyond

Land she despises

Sea most fond

Her sons and daughters

Lakes of gold

She will protect

A hundredfold.

The Ocean

Autumn Leaves

*drumroll* (joking) Right, for the first poem! This was written in April…some bad word choices there, but I’ll leave it untouched for now. 🙂 (and boy is the line spacing wide!)

Autumn Leaves

In memory

I walk into the magical wood

Trees guarding, protecting

Stretching their strengthened arms

Around me.


Whispering, ever so softly.

Bright, conversational exchanges.


Buried deep within the ancient oaks.


An orange leaf perches on my fingertip

Dried, barren, still tender with life

Drops, crunches, shatters.

Yet so beautiful.


Dancing among the showers

Amazed, enchanted

Delighted, hypnotized

Waltzing without limits.


Vivid images of her reappear

Her tender hand, her smiles

(Tears slowly cascading)

But now she is gone.


From  the forest of memories

Looking back

Hoping to see her waving

Only to hear the rustling of

Autumn leaves.

Autumn trees - http://www.movieforums.com/community/showthread.php?p=487385
A picture that almost sums up how I felt when I wrote this piece. 🙂

Tell me what you think of this!