On the Internet as a Communication Tool

 I feel pretty guilty about not blogging anything serious over the last few months, and so have resorted to publishing academic essays instead. 🙂 I’m really sorry about this, but exams are in less than two weeks, so fingers crossed I’ll actually work on a concrete commitment after that!

As the Internet becomes more accessible, its function as a major communication platform becomes more significant in our lives. Communication is more convenient, and it brings improvements in many aspects of our lives. Work gets done faster, and people can know more on what is going on around them. However, there are also disadvantages of having the Internet as a means of communication, as the extreme convenience will lead to communication of lower quality and a younger generation with poor communication skills.

Communicating through the Internet is so convenient, one can easily get carried away. People take advantage of this convenience and, bearing in mind that they can send another e-mail any time, do not think through the message thoroughly before sending it. Topics become more trivial and rash messages can have dire consequences. For example, people are less likely to think through an argument before responding if it’s held online, especially if they can remain anonymous and evade responsibility. They may not be afraid of immediate consequences of their actions either because they are not speaking face to face with their peers and so are not under immediate threat. This deterioration in the quality of communication may lead to unstable relationships built on trivial topics, and a lack of depth in thought in general.

The convenience of Internet communication also lessens the incentive people have to communicate face to face with others. People may not treasure time with another person as much because they can easily communicate through the Internet any time. The younger generation which is used to this type of distanced interaction will grow to become more antisociable and may have difficulties interacting with others offline. Lack of interaction with others will in turn cause deterioration of mental health as well as an increased number of hermit teens. Although the Internet is becoming increasingly important, offline communication skills are still of utmost importance. If we grow to rely too much on the Internet, these disadvantages will inevitably grow out of proportion, and the Internet will have lost much of its original value. What is important is that we use the Internet in moderation, and that we use it with care. Only then will we be able to keep the detriments to a minimum and enjoy the true benefits of using the Internet as a communication tool.


Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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