How married are you?

Marriage Confidential: Why More Couples Are,28804,2075201_2075195_2075196,00.html

Are you joking? What type of question is that?

Honestly, I thought it was some joke when I first read the title of this article. But as with most articles with brow-raising titles, this one turned out to be a provoking read.

The article is based on a book by Pamela Hang, Marriage Confidential, where she defines five types of marriages that are becoming increasingly common in the modern era: the Semihappy marriage, the Parenting Marriage, the Workhorse Wife, the Ed McMahon Syndrome, and the Semimarried. The Workhorse Wife is a marriage where the husband goes off chasing his dreams attempting financially pressured jobs, while the wife is the breadwinner of the family and often has to do the chores as well. The Ed McMahon Syndrome is like the Semihappy marriage, except that the spouse is so eager to maintain the stability of the relationship he/she will agree to nearly everything the other half says. Which will likely send relationships down the drain.

Pamela Hang argues that modern marriages are all about responsibilities, partnership, and even conveniences. And she may very well be right – not all marriages are without love and consideration, but more and more marriages are ending in divorce. In fact, the divorce rate in America is a whopping near 50%, with couples aged 20-24 most likely to separate. (See

As a teenager, I don’t think I can criticize these people for being rash – I am often rash with my decisions – but I just hope that people will take marriage more seriously in future. It’ll be better for the couples, and, perhaps, their children.


Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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