In defense of my extreme addiction to procrastination.

I’m addicted to a lot of stuff: stapling piles of paper together, listening to songs on Youtube, eating chocolate, emptying my trash on my Dock, you name it. But one of the tops on my list is PROCRASTINATING.


I’m sure many people share this vice. In fact, sorry guys, but I think over 90% of the human population have had, or have this quality now. If you don’t know what procrastinating is, congratulations! You’re officially incredibly serious about your work. And I’m not kidding.

I don’t know when I started: when I was six or seven, perhaps? I just didn’t find my homework remotely interesting, so I left it alone for the while. For the night. For a few days – sometimes even after it was due. Oops!

I have to admit this habit got me into a few holes as I grew older, with teachers no longer taking ‘Aww, she’s still young’ as an excuse. Things started to get serious when I was ten and my teachers started yelling at me. Oh well. Nothing like a bit of motivation to get the brain going, eh? It must have paid off – four years later, I only hand in compulsory homework late around once a term! Yippee!

As for my defense: there’s nothing wrong with it. It just…gives one more time to do something. And many people do it. It’s not like they get into heaps of trouble if they do. At first, anyway. (Okay there’re obviously a whole bunch of flaws here but I’m not going to bother to fix them.)

But will I ever actually quit? Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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