Floured love

I walking home today from the pier when I saw a crowd of robins (about a hundred of them) huddled around an unknown object, which turned out to be a pile of flour. I didn’t think of taking a picture then (but I regret it now) so here’s one I found online that I feel can reflect the situation quite well. It’s a classic picture of someone feeding some pigeons.

Something like this.

I don’t know if that pile of flour was left there deliberately or if it was accidentally spilt, but it didn’t really matter. Similarly, whether the person who put the flour there might or might not have been there to witness his/her gift being appreciated didn’t really matter either.The thing was that the pile brought joy to over a hundred souls. What really mattered was that it provided happiness to others. It was a show of love, intentional or not, seen or unseen, open to public appreciation or not.

This was quite timely for a reward-seeking teen like myself, who likes being appreciated more than not: What matters is what you do, not whether people notice it, or whether you do it for the sake of doing it.

God speaks to us in many ways. If we just paid a little more attention to the happenings around us, would we not be inspired and learn many more lessons every day?