Round and round

Thanks to enlightenment from user JMK, I’ve realized that I’m not ready to comment on politics (especially politics of another country) yet. If you wish to read the post as it was, you can message me.


Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

5 thoughts on “Round and round”

  1. This credit crisis isn’t even about a structure, it is about a new perception in economics, please excuse me. I would wish you to realise that Obama had done a very bad job as a president so far.

    Obama said that he’d bring change, and he had been elected to be the president of the United States for one and a half year, and he had done absolutely nothing to the promises he made. He promised to provide merit goods such as a National Health Care service to the whole of America, but why bother making such a promise during a deficit?

    America is so extreme that they’re now using quantitative easing to stimulate the economy, instead of taking a dump on Goldman Sachs about Timberwolf and charging them huge compensations just cause they sold ‘one shitty deal’ . I’m sure that Obama can do something much more constructive than this, and undoubtedly, the gain from Goldman Sachs’ compensation would not be SUFFICIENT to recover the economy.

    If you have not realised, am I’m sure you haven’t, back in the 2009 England was the poorest country in the G7. But so far, by the utmost effort of the Cameron ministry, I would like to say that the GBP is appreciating and the UK is also experiencing economic growth.

    If you please look at the world, Australia, who had a major down swing because of the export of primary resource to America experienced also an economic down turn, but in the end, they were the first countries to increase the cash rate of the RBA.

    It’s not about a miracle, it’s about how a government should try and change an economy instead of using extreme ends of monetary policy. Look at Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner, what’s so good about a turbo tax? Why is Obama trying to cut taxes when America is in such a crisis?

    After all, yes, votes are rallied up by promises, but only sensible ones. Please stay out of politics, because your personal opinion had not taken the implications of their policies, and, not they’re not god, but the whole of the Obama ministry is just utter bull crap, and I hereby promise you that he will NOT be re-elected. Politics is not what you consider, and your personal opinion just reflects a berk’s opinion, full of bollocks and rants.

    Now please stay out of politics and focus on something which you should be focusing instead.

  2. I must apologise that I’ve not taken my time to proof read, but I’m just trying to change your perception about politics, because it is definitely not what you consider it to be.

    1. Pardon my ignorance! 😦 I must admit I do not know much about it, and as I said my opinions are not too well based. Thank you for your pointers: I appreciate them and yes, they’ve changed my perception of American politics much. 🙂

  3. Politics is such complicated matter that it is considered to be written by a devil. To be honest, the American politics system is BROKEN, it is so broken that they only vote for a leader, instead of voting leaders for a state. Therefore they spend trillions again to elect mayors which is another broke banking system. Making the politics in America so pointless and rubbish.

  4. Why not boost aggregation with fiscal before electing another mayor? It’s pointless. You also have the most outrageous mayors in the States, it is a broke political system.

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