In the beginning, I tried to work.

As promised, today I will begin on my long summer narrative. Hopefully we will reach the end of it by the end of this month.

The year had ended with awkward goodbyes, and as I was chugging home on the MTR (that’s the Mass Transit Railway) I thought I’d better finish my holiday homework before I dove into anything exotic, or I’d never bother to deal with it.

That’s what I think every year, but it never happens. Usually, I finish it late August – early September. Eek! Reflects my beautiful trait of adhering to my plans, doesn’t it? But perhaps this time I’ll have the maturity to do something right.

Upon reaching home, I took out my stack of Chinese worksheets. It didn’t look good – A book report, a project, and ten articles to read? I felt so sorry for myself I booted the computer and zipped onto Youtube to watch my favourite anime. (While ‘doing’ my homework, of course.)


No prizes for guessing what happened.

I finished reading the articles and doing half the book report. Over six hours. When I could’ve done that in less than two.

Oh well, it’s an improvement. At least I managed to get something done. With that, I breathed a sigh of satisfaction and went back to the anime. If only life was that simple.

(For Day 2, It’s waay down, titled ‘2nd day of summer hols.’ And FYI, I still haven’t finished my homework…yet. :P)


Halloa again!

My current mindset is like that of an old soul writing the epilogue to her career; and yet mine has not nearly begun. Perhaps it has indeed been too long since my fingertips approached the keys with the intention of entertaining whosoever had the time to savor a morsel of my amateur experiences, resulting in this foggy mirage of retirement. I am not saying that I am looking forward to the moment I tire of this craft – those who know me well will recognize that it is and has always been my pleasure to dwell on insignificant matters and make a fuss to entertain none other than this tired fellow who is authoring this manuscript.

(Dear, I am getting quite mad!) Anyhow, I will report on my ventures tomorrow. Good night. 🙂