Time flies: time to snip at the phrases.

Yes, today we’ll be looking at the horrible 9-letter phrase that is used over a million times a day. The moving duo that sends tears down your cheeks. Or maybe not.

So, time flies.

With what? Wings – I mean, just wings? Or does it have a supersonic propeller fitted with an forcefield shield? Like the ones in science fiction?

The phrase itself is questionable. It’s supposed to mean time ‘goes by quickly’, hence the word ‘fly’, but ‘fly’ itself doesn’t represent speed. It shows the medium of travel. You could fly at 0.0001 km/h, and it would still be called flying. Flaw or not?

I shouldn’t be picking on this. It is a metaphor after all, and metaphors aren’t supposed to be realistic, at least not in real time.

Ah, does time not fly by when you’re typing nonsense? 😉


Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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