hot summer mornings

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When it’s a blazing 33 degrees Celsius outside, the unlikely MTR emerges as the ultimate luxury. What else would comfort as much as a soothing breeze, shade, and peace and quiet? Note: You do have to pay transport fees, but at least there’re no extra cooling costs. Or are there? Perhaps that’s behind the recent inflation.

The clouds are swarming back despite a shower last night – no clear blue sky, but less heat. Guess there’re pros and cons to every second of the water cycle. 😛 Same thing with blinds: pull them down and it gets cooler but darker. Pull them up again and you get your light and heat back. Joy.

Wow. Big blinds. 🙂 And they’re solar-powered. I wonder how that works.

Nothing to do? Write. It’s horribly time-consuming, but isn’t that what much of life is for?

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Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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