pretty pitter-patter

I fall asleep at my desk, only to be waken up a minute later by the thunder. The crashes, the flashes, and the pitter-patter of the rain.

The rain. And about time too. It’s been an awfully hot summer. Speaking of hot summers – Humans are stubborn. That’s why we have to learn life’s lessons by first-hand experience when we’re 10-up when we could’ve learnt them when we were three. (Don’t ask me how I related that to hot summers. It just popped up somehow.)

Exams – a conventional student’s nightmare and glory. A student’s day-and-night destinies depend on those scores. Not up to scratch, and it’s living h*ll till the next A*. Through failing to meet expectations, most develop hatred towards exams when scores get low. We yell. We scream. We tear paper. We cry. We fall down.

Yet we never realize the real purpose of an examination: to test our strengths and weaknesses. ‘Marks are but numbers,’ our teachers say, but are they only immaterial arrangements of atoms layered on paper? World trends lead us to the obvious conclusion that marks are our life and if you don’t get your grades straight, you ought to die.

But life’s not like that. Adopting this type of attitude will ultimately result in failure. What we should do is check what mistakes we made, and mark them down. Go over the questions again later, and see if we make the same mistake. Find out why the mistake was made. Learn. Discover.

By this, I don’t mean that we shouldn’t work hard for our grades. Yes, we should work hard for them. But if you land yourself a few Ds, is it really the end? With modernization, the world’s becoming a haven of statistics, and numbers are everywhere. Remember, though, that conventionalism isn’t always right. Think for yourself.

The cliche goes ‘Rain before rainbows.’ I think rain is beautiful. 🙂

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Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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