New life. Everywhere.

Today, there are online communities/forums for everything. (Well, almost everything.) Politics, community groups, games…and writing. Poetry.

My favourite sites for poetry are and Some beautiful poems there (you might’ve noticed that, as I am being lazy, I choose to use others’ work to add to my word count):

daffy hole in the sky the sun is a palette of wild wind

through me flit threnodies of purpled horny Bluebirds

my eyes when lit upturn the canoes of Autumn’s red leaves

Winter’s dying soldiers forgotten cover the ground and it will truly love them

soil is god’s poem of love

mysterious grinning tawny flowers sway to fledglings’ cajoling songs

on the way down some will die also

but others the cutters of buttered gliding winds

and I will be blood orange when dark in my bones

my lost adventurers seek my own blood shadows

rain is only a reminiscence of seas and sun the sky giving birth

but tears are sounds of dew rising on stone

where ardent primordial blue-green algae forms new lands

the sun is left dull like the dust of burned forests

when you take away light to the night with your hair

succulent are ponds deep and rosy their dark blued shadows

ducks of ponds sleep well in the night

they have unutterable dreams

where new berries swell sudden breasts flashing the dawn

but svelte the night’s savvy tongue sliding through dew

down shy eggplants and new morning stems
nude wet grass in morning light rivers

your hair around my back

your eyes are golden lunar light

my skin is flowers

love is simple

-Danny Beatty

Amazing language.

But what is language? A mesh of words? Sounds? Why is our language any different from an animal’s? Why are we classified as ‘intelligent’? (Probably because we humans are proud gits.) More tomorrow.


Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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