Back – with lots to tell!

Just back from a holiday to Poetry and beyond! How fascinating is the language of rhythm and verse, of Frost and Shakespeare, and of the modern writer. Beautiful.

From the Psalms to Robert Louis Stevenson, from the East to the West, verse has its distinct range of styles. And don’t think verse is getting less common today! I admit modern verse is different than that of the past (many a poetic line has been tweeted), but that doesn’t mean it’s loved less.

Some beautiful examples of ‘poetry’ online TODAY:

on Twitter:

(from TwiHaiku) ndawnis11 rain-cleansed world / trees drop / quiet tears

a combination of tweets assembled by Tom Watson:

‘waiting for my clothes to dry
today is not starting well. at least i didn’t spill the coffee on my pants.
underway. crying as usual. i hate this part.
ate sandwiches at lunch.’

More tomorrow! 🙂


Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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