Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! :)

To all ye folks out there, KUNG HEY FAT CHOY! Have a great Lunar New Year! (that’s the beginning of a year according to the Lunar calendar. But when you think about it: if we had ‘New Years’ every time a different calendar had one, we’d be having New Years over 10 times a year!)

I’ve always found the Lunar New Year festivities intriguing. Here are a few of the traditional ‘rules’ Chinese should abide by:

1) Sweep your apartments/houses before the New Year, but not during the first 15-somewhat days. Sweeping BEFORE can ‘sweep away’ evil spirits, but sweeping IN the New Year will ‘sweep away’ your luck.

2) Don’t visit friends and relatives on the third & fourth days of the Lunar New Year (16th-17th February this year). It is known as “chì kǒu” (赤口), meaning that it is easy to get into arguments. It is suggested that the cause could be the fried food, exhaustion from preparation and visitations during the first two days of the New Year celebration. Hmm.

3) NO CUTTING YOUR HAIR for the first 15-something days. And you can’t wash it on the first few days, either.

The good stuff is that people get to eat loads. And unmarried people get red packets (yes, money. haha.) while those who are married have the HONOR of presenting them to others. 🙂