Best not the best?

Ever placed second thoughts on those “Cheers” or “Best wishes” you type at the end of each e-mail? Turns out these little sign-offs have a larger impact than you suspect. How you sign off an e-mail can affect the tone of the entire message. Honest! Check out what people think of each sign-off:

Some comments:

1. Best: a brush-off

2. Love: only for personal messages. Okay?

3. Yours Sincerely: insincere. (ironic!!)

Golly! We should really pay more attention to what we write. Got a moment? Read it over and MAKE SURE you don’t just use pre-typed signatures (or ‘siggies’) every time you e-mail. Now that is really insincere.


Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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