BoOks! How to get them read!

Most writers write to share with others. But how do they get their books read in the first place?

1. BookRix

Pros: It’s free and there is a wide audience. Also, there are occasional writing contests with monetary prizes your book can win.

Cons: The format isn’t all that good. And for people who are writing as an occupation, people don’t have to pay to read your books.

2. Young Writer’s Society

Pros: It’s an open forum full of aspiring writers. Niceee!

Cons: No monetary payback for those who need it.

3. Lulu

Pros: People can actually BUY your books. The format is a little nicer than BookRix’s, but it isn’t the best, either.

Cons: The books are expensive.

4. Get a publisher

Pros: It’s classic – get your own REAL book. Published, edited…

Cons: Not that easy to achieve. Publishers more than often reject novels. And you’ll probably have to pay a sum of money to get it published in the first place.

There are also numerous other sites to house your works. Because of technology, writers have a much wider platform to express themselves and get known. Hope this helps, and happy writing!



Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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