Apologies, and best of luck!

I’ve been reading Sol Stein’s book “Stein on Writing” these two weeks, and it’s given me a multitude of new ideas on composition. Have you ever tried to characterize or capture the distinct features of people you see on the street? Or maybe describe particular feelings with vivid sentences and phrases? Try it! It’s fun and will dramatically improve your skills over a short time period if used frequently.

The mid-year examinations approach…I wish the best of luck to all who need to take similar assessments, and thank all teachers for putting in so much effort in teaching us students this semester!

Terribly sorry about the lapse in writing entries. Writing regularly in a blog is a challenge I have a personal rivalry with – developing good habits aren’t as easy as I thought. Apologies! Hopefully, all you readers will forgive me for my irresponsible acts.




Author: Jessica Y

Economics student at the University of Cambridge. Aspiring data scientist.

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